What People Are Saying

IRCO has received an unprecedented outpouring of support from our community over the past few months. We are grateful to groups like ReSISTA Kat who figure out creative ways to put their unique skills toward supporting immigrants and refugees in our community. – Jenny Bremner, IRCO Director of Development and Communications


Your shirt arrived as a suprise gift from my stepmom. You are touching lives around the country. I LOVE the shirt! – Katie, Raleigh, NC


Thanks for creating these shirts and for your contributions to organizations supporting our civil rights and freedom! We’ll wear these shirts proudly. – Cindy, Portland, OR


Thanks so much! I love what you are doing – it brings me some hope and some joy. – Harriett, Mexico


My grandfather and father immigrated from China to the US via Cuba and Mexico. My husband is Japanese American and I am Chinese American. I love your ReSISTA Kat because it embraces so many parts of my family’s cultural background! – Beverly, Hong Kong


I have been looking for the right t-shirt to express my political feelings and this hit the mark– and it’s so cute too! – Tomika, Dallas, OR


I tore the package open as soon as I picked it up and I LOVE it!!! – Sadie, Portland, OR


My father was an immigrant from the Philippines and my husband’s parents are from Malaysia and Hong Kong. My daughter and I will wear our shirts with pride around Taos!!! Keeping the movement moving! – Elizabeth, Taos, NM


I love them! These are such great designs with a take on Asian culture’s “lucky cat.” – Joni, Portland, OR


After living in Honolulu for many years and falling in love with the maneki-neko cats adorning nearly every shop, I can hardly wait to share your extremely creative design with my “re-sista” (and feline-loving) friends. – Laura, Mt. View, CA


Thank you so much for your very timely design. We all need to do our part these days! – Michaela, Omaha, NE


ReSISTA Kat is cool on so many levels! – Mary, Portland, OR